Photos of Past SLL Activities

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Photos taken by Lawrence Samuels (photos are free to be used on any Wikipedia page; others can republish or repost if photographer, Lawrence Samuels, is identified as the source.)


  1. SLL-sponsored speech by Phillip Abbott Luce in front of California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) library on March 22, 1974. First public event by SLL.
  2. SLL-sponsored speech by Elizabeth Keathley at CSUF on Oct. 11, 1974. A member of the libertarian faction of the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP), Keathley was the official PFP gubernatorial candidate for California in 1974.
  3. Two photos from the SLL co-sponsored anti-tax rally in Santa Ana, California in 1975.
  4. Tomb of the Unknown Taxpayer protest on April 10, 1976 sponsored by SLL and the Orange County Libertarian Party.
  5. USC Professor of philosophy John Hospers speech at Fullerton College, sponsored by SLL. The speech was held on Feb. 1, 1977.
  6. Economist Prof. Murray Rothbard speaks on Nov. 4, 1977 at University at California, Irvine (UCI). SLL is a co-sponsor of the event.
  7. Robert LeFevre speaks on May 19, 1978 at SLL-sponsored event at Santa Ana College on the topic of “Does Government Protection Protect?”
  8. SLL-sponsored draft card-burning rally on May 1, 1979 at CSUF. Howard Hinman, SLL’s CSUF chair, in the foreground.
  9. Speech by Janice Allen at the SLL-sponsored May 1, 1979 anti-draft rally at CSUF.
  10. Rock band that played at the draft card-burning rally for SLL-sponsored event at CSUF on May 1, 1979.
  11. Crowd scene at the May 1, 1979 anti-draft rally at CSUF, sponsored by SLL. Co-sponsored by the San Francisco-based Students for a Libertarian Society (SLS).
  12. Eric Garris preparing to debate Senator Briggs, who authored the anti-gay measure Prop. 6. The Oct. 26, 1979 debate at CSUF was sponsored by SLL. Briggs failed to show up.
  13. SLL-sponsored debate at CSUF on Oct. 26, 1979 where Senator John Briggs was scheduled to debate pro-gay rights activists Eric Garris. Garris is in the foreground. Ken Grubbs, Jr., editorial editor of The Register in Orange County in the middle, moderated the debate. Last minute substitute on the far end of the table is UCI Prof. George Kent.
  14. Crowd scene at the SLL–sponsored Oct. 26, 1979 debate between Senator Briggs and Eric Garris at CSUF. Senator Briggs failed to show up for the debate and was sued by SLL.
  15. Lawrence Samuels, national chair of SLL, speaks against Senator Briggs’ anti-gay measure at CSUF on Oct. 26, 1979 during a noontime SLL-co-sponsored rally.
  16. Lawyer Ed Clark speaks at a SLL co-sponsored noontime rally at CSUF to oppose Brigg’s anti-gay initiative. Ed Clark became the U.S. Presidential candidate under the Libertarian Party banner in 1980.
  17. Libertarian historian Ken Gregg speaks at a SLL-sponsored event at Cypress College on Feb. 23, 1979.
  18. SLL-sponsored speech by anti-tax attorney Jack Matonis at Santa Ana College on Nov. 3, 1979.
  19. George H. Smith speaks at SLL-sponsored event at Santa Ana College, Dec. 7, 1979.
  20. Professor of economics Murray Rothbard at one of SLL’s co-sponsored speeches, 1979.
  21. Michael Grossberg speaks at the Freeland III conference on April 28, 1985.
  22. Jim Gallagher dressed up for an SLL beach party in late 1979. The photo was used for SLL’s “Uncle Bloodsucker Wants You” poster.
  23. Table of SLL pamphlets, buttons and books.
  24. Gene Berkman, the main founder of the California Libertarian Alliance in 1969, who worked with SLL on various activities.
  25. A few of the buttons produced by SLL to be distributed to students.